Recirculating Animal Watering Systems



How It Works

• We have expanded the ReCIRC™ system to include continuous circulation of UV treated water through the animal racks.

• By maintaining water flow through our Reverse-S rack manifolds we reduce the build-up of biofilm in your expensive  animal cage racks.

•  UV treated water flows continuously through the rack without the need for expensive individual rack solenoid valves or electronics that are required for flush systems.


•  NO solenoid valves or pressure reducing stations

•  Eliminates dead leg racks and manual flushing

•  Saves 3-5 times less water than flush systems


Rack Manifold Recirculating System

Stage 1:  RO filtered water is pumped

from the re-circulating tank through the UV

unit.  A portion of the sterile water is

diverted back to the tank to maintain tank

circulation and sterility.


Stage 2:  Supply water is circulated to each

block of 4-5 rooms through the (blue) lines.

Supply and Return recoil hoses are

connected to each rack manifolds for

continuous circulation through each rack.

Water flows from the rack into the return

(red) lines back to the ReCIRC™ tank

and through the UV unit 24/7.

Which would you want to maintain?

Imagine the cost and maintenance of solenoid valves

for typically 50 to 100 racks..

ReCIRC™ Room piping shown with supply (blue) and return (red) recoil hoses that connected to the rack. This provides continuous flow and eliminates dead leg racks that requires periodic manual flushing.

NOTE:  When choosing your IVC rack systems, be sure to specify Systems Engineering ReCIRC™ Rack Manifold

Design which integrates our advanced through the Rack Continuous Flow Distribution System.


We supply all cage manufacturers with water manifolds and drinking valves

for all species.

Recirculating Racks vs. Flush Systems

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