Wireless Pressure Sensor

Wireless Gateways

Ethernet or Cellular

System Requirements:

Intenet access for USB and Ethernet gateways


Wireless Monitoring

Our PinPOINT™ wireless monitoring and notification system gives you confidence and peace

of mind that your system is working 24/7.  We have designed a system that monitors critical

points in your animal water distribution system and gives real-time alerts via SMS text, email and/or voice call.


Our online monitoring portal allows you to mange the network:

•  Alarm sensors settings and calibration

•  Access and store unlimited data and generate reports

•  Monitor from anywhere via web and mobile apps

•  Use our Sensor Mapping Tool for visual display

PinPOINT™ is compatible with your existing ReCIRC™ Systems allowing you to upgrade to our wireless monitoring.





•  ReCIRC™ Monitoring Standard Features:

  - Constant Water Pressure

  - Tank level

   - UV sterilizer status

   - Room pressure

•  Cost effective wireless solution:

•  Secure cloud based monitoring

   and notification Encrypt-RF™ Security

•  Easy equipment installation

•  No Software to install

•  On-line first class support and service

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