Napa Nectar™ Plus

We have combined “fenbendazole” with Napa Nectar™ as a cost effective method of delivering medication to your animals for the treatment of pinworms while providing a 7 day water supply for 5 adult mice.

•  Nothing to mix, saving time & money

•  Water gel pack contains 150 ppm


•  Convenient size, 8 oz (226 g) provides

   treatment along with a 7 day water supply

•  Easy to use, simply slice pack and place in

   the wire lid, or on the floor of the cage.

•  Napa Nectar™ Plus is color tinted for easy identification

•  Readily accepted by the animal

•  Medications mix more thoroughly with liquids for consistent delivery

•  Shelf life 24 months

•  Less costly than feed treatment methods


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