Recirculating Animal Watering Systems

Sustainable Design


• The demand for Sustainable design makes it the best choice for LEED conscious designs. Our Recirculating System saves 3-5 times the water usage as compared to Flush Systems.


No flushing- typical flush systems are designed to flush several times per day because chlorine loses its effectiveness over time.


Eliminate components that were required for flush systems and reduce your maintenance and servicing costs.

Centralize ReCIRC™ equipment room

"Saves 3-5 times the water usage as compared to Flush Systems"

Continuous UV Sterilization



drinking valve


“Facilities have reported over

200,000 Cage days without a leak”


UV Units continuous water treatment

24 hour a day! ReCIRC-UV™ continuously recirculates the entire

  distribution system through rooms, rack manifolds and returns back

  through the Ultraviolet treatment process.

• Eliminates the need for chemicals by effectively preventing

  the growth of bacteria.


Chemical Free

• We eliminate the use of chlorination since it poses a research variable that may have adverse effects on the animals.

• Save money in extensive repair and replacement costs! Chlorine is also a cause of corrosion to the equipment & drinking valves.


• Research facilities that utilize the ReCIRC™ system, along with L-2000 drinking valves, report less equipment failures, and extended drinking valve life up to 10 years.


• We back it up! We're so sure in this solution we extend our standard warranty to 5 years for those facilities that have incorporate this strategy.

L-2000 Drinking Valve

Ultra Filtration

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