Recirculating Animal Watering Systems

Ultra Filtration

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system

RO systems =  effective means of removing organics, particulates, ions/metals, and micro-organisms from the house supply water.

• The only water being replaced in our system is the water that the animals consume.

No flush =  No need for large, expensive, RO systems. We can operate with a much smaller, more economical, easier to maintain RO

filtration system.


•  ReCIRC™ does not flush hundreds of  gallons of water a day down the drain as is the case with flush systems.

High efficiency RO filtration system

"Removing organics, particulates...and micro-organisms"

Reduced Water Usage

• UV treated water circulates continuously, 24 hours a day through out the entire system.

• We eliminate dead legs in our system to ensure that all the water in the system passes back through the UV sterilizer.

Eliminates the need to flush thousands of gallons of costly water per year down the drain = BIG SAVINGS $$$


Optimal water flow- We design, and size, our systems to get optimal water flow through the overhead piping and maintain continuous turnover through the UV panels.


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