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Animal Drinking Valves

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Bedding Resistant Animal Drinking Valve

SP-5750™Valve Retrofit

Upgrade to the most reliable valve

The key component to any automated watering system is the valve.

Selecting a reliable drinking valve is the most important decision you

will make. The drinking valve should operate consistently,at a wide

range of pressures, and provide access to fresh water without flooding

the cage. Systems Engineering led the industry by introducing the first

cage mounted drinking valve in 1989. The L-2000TM valve is the industry’s

only bedding-resistant drinking valve.


The L-2000TM valve is autoclavable and works from .5 to 20 psi. Because of its spring loaded stem, you will not experience spontaneous leaking due to pressure fluctuations in your distribution system. This allows the drinker to work under micro pressure or gravity. A carboy can be placed on top of the rack to supply emergency water.


Our rack manifolds are available on all cage systems.  Be sure to specify our system when ordering your animal caging and rack systems.

Male QD

Silicon "O" Ring

Rigid Disc Shield

Nose Cap

L-2000™ Valve

Manifold Tubing

Easy Quick Disconnect

Machined Saddles

We continued to build upon the success of the L-2000TM valve with the development of the SP-5750TM. The SP-5750TM has the same vital internal components that give it the bedding-resistant qualities. This valve allows users that do not have Systems Engineering manifolds on their existing equipment to upgrade their systems and enjoy the peace of mind of the L-2000TM platform.

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If you are having valve leak problems with other manufactured

valves, please contact us and learn more about our

L-2000™ Valve Retrofit Program for your rack watering system.

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Ask for our manifolds and valves by name on all of our OEM partners. We have manifolds that will fit all of the following:

•  Allentown

•  Alternative Design

•  Animal Care Systems

•  Britz

•  Innovive

•  Lab Products

•  Lenderking

•  LGL

•  Suburban Surgical

•  Tecniplast

•  Thoren


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